Matthew Barney with brown phone.

Friday 13th July 2007 7pm at the Opera House Manchester - I had been documenting Matthew Barney's piece which was part of the "Il Tempo Del Postino" evening of artists making live work. The Festival flagged the Phillippe Perreno/Hans Ulrich Obrist curated event thus - "What if an exhibition was not about occupying space but about occupying time?" Matthews piece occupied both space and time in a big way, eschewing the ironic distance that most of the other artists adopted when faced by theatre. I'll post some documentation of work when Matthew Ok's something "bullet proof" for public consumption. This portrait was one of a seesion for Dazed and Confused that we squeezed in half an hour before a show. Douglas Gordon also presented a nice piece - June Tabor singing 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' slower than you can imagine - also very beautiful. Come to think of it, I like a lot of the pieces I saw; Tino Seghal made the red curtains dance to some badly orchestrated Daft Punk....

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